Cavity Back vs Muscle Back (Differences Pros and Cons)

Cavity Back vs Muscle Back (Differences Pros and Cons)

Cavity Back vs Muscle Back (Differences Pros and Cons)

There are many options when it comes to buying a new set irons. This post will explain the differences between cavity back, muscleback, and blade irons.

Some might think that blades are best for pros and weekend players, while cavity back irons can be used by average players. Although that may be partially true, this is not always the case. A lot of it comes down personal preference. Many professional golfers use a combination of cavity back, muscle back and blade irons due to the different benefits they provide.

Each type of club has its pros and cons. I’ll be discussing that next. We will also discuss the main differences between them and which one you should play.

What is a Blade Golf Club?

A bladed golf clubs is an iron with a traditional look. These clubs are often called forged clubs because they have been around for a while. They are best suited for skilled golfers as they have a narrow sweet spot and aren’t very forgiveness. The classic blade iron looks just like the one they used in the past. These irons are much thinner than modern ones and they are harder to hit due to the small sweet spot. These are only for professional golfers who play on tour. These irons provide better feedback at impact, which is why some people love them. Cavity back irons are so easy to use, it can sometimes be difficult to know what you did wrong. A blade will let you know when it’s solid or soft. It will be much easier to shape the ball with a blade iron. A blade iron will make it easier to draw the ball or fade it than a cavity back. Professionals want to be able control the ball’s trajectory more effectively. The classic blade irons are the Hogan Apex and Willson Staff Blades. They are thinner than a cavity and have less metal at the bottom than a muscle back.

What is a Muscle Back Iron?

The muscle back iron is more traditional and is often referred to as a forge club. Although the top is narrow, the base is wider and will allow for more forgiveness. Low handicap golfers are more likely to use these irons. The muscle back iron is similar to a blade, but it is slightly thicker at the base and more flexible. A muscle back iron is what I use because it makes me feel better at impact. I also want it to make me improve my swing, rather than allowing me to be too forgiving. These have a sweet spot that is larger than the traditional blade, but smaller than a cavity-back. These aren’t going to launch as high as the classic blade and won’t go as far for most golfers. These are best for those who have been playing golf for a while. The companies basically gave a blade iron a little more forgiveness and the ability hit higher shots. This iron is preferred by most people to a blade. If you like a more classic look, this will be your best choice. The Titleist 718 MB and the Callaway Apex MB are two examples of muscle back irons. There are many other options, so it all depends on which brand you prefer.

What is a Cavity Back Iron?

Cavity back irons are a more modern looking iron that is larger and more flexible. These irons have a larger sweet spot and can launch the ball higher into the air. Although these irons are not used often by pros, they are still useful for average golfers. The cavity back iron is the easiest to hit and should be used by all golfers. These are best for average golfers who just want to have fun. These are the easiest to hit, have the best launching and provide the longest distance. They aren’t as useful for pros because they don’t provide much feedback on misshits, so it will be difficult to determine what went wrong. They are also not as adept at controlling the trajectory or shape of the ball. Pros require as much control over their ball as possible, and most cavity back irons will not give them that. It’ll work just fine for people like me and you, because that’s who they were designed for. A cavity back iron is the Cleveland Launcher CBX and Taylormade M6 irons. It all depends on the brand and model that you prefer.

There is a difference between Cavity Backs and Blades

Cavity back irons are bulkier and more forgiving than blades, with a hollow section at their bottom. Cavity backs are more accurate, have a larger sweet spot and generate more distance. Cavity backs are preferred by weekend golfers due to their increased forgiveness. You should be able get some distance as long as your face is in contact. This is why pros use cavity backs with their longer irons. Many professional golfers will carry both clubs. Some pros will use cavity backs in their longer irons because they are easier to hit. Because of this increased control, they will use a more streamlined style with their shorter irons and wedges.

There is a difference between blades and muscle backs

The difference between muscle backs and blades is the thickness of their bottom sections. This will produce more forgiveness. A muscle back iron will also generate more distance, which is in addition to the greater forgiveness. This is why pros prefer a traditional blade to a muscle-back iron. These irons look very similar and can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between them. Many muscle back irons will have “MB” written on them. This is the easiest way to distinguish. Some pros still use pure-bladed Irons, but that’s because they grew up with them. They are not a bad thing, but I do think you will get better results using MB irons.

Are You a Blades, Muscle Backs or Cavity Backs Player?

A cavity back iron is the best choice for most players. They are generally the least expensive and most flexible of all three. These clubs are designed for average players who need help. These clubs are for beginners and higher handicappers.

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A muscle back is a good option if you are a more skilled player and prefer the traditional style of iron (like me). Although they are more costly, I prefer them as they feel better on impact and can be adapted to my needs. They’ll become more useful as I get better than a cavity back.

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The classic blade is not something I would recommend to anyone reading this. They are only for professional golfers, and I am pretty certain none of them are reading this. For greater forgiveness and distance, consider a muscle back.

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