Game formats – Golf

Game formats – Golf

Game formats – Golf

Match game:

The game is played on a hole. The hole is won by the player (or team) as a hole in the slightest number of strokes. In the online competition, the hole wins the lowest net result. The game is won by the one who wins the most holes.

The competition is won by a player (or team) who has played a certain number or several rounds with the smallest stroke. The lowest net result (total score minus handicap) wins.

Stapleford vs. Parma:
The competition against par and Steibleford is a form of impact play where you play with a fixed score for each hole, this score equals the value of the face of the hole.


A hole is considered to be won if the player (or team) has scored less points than
The hole is split in half if the player (or team) receives the same number of points.
A hole is considered lost if a player (or team) does more than
With shots received in competitions, the net result is compared to the value of the face.

Stebleford, what if it was?
The shape of the game in strokes, where points are calculated by accumulating points relative to the fixed account for each hole. The winner is the player (or team) with the most points. With the shots received in the race, the score on each hole is reduced by the number of punches on the hole before being compared to a fixed score.


Two camaraderie players take turns playing ball. One player makes the first punch in the holes with an odd number, the other – holes with odd numbers. The rest of the shots will be fired in turn until the hole is ready.

Identical to four teams, but one team consists of only one player.

Match play – three goals:
Competition in a match game where 3 players play alone, everyone plays with their ball. Each player plays two separate matches

Match-play – fireball:
Two players on each team play each ball, and the best result on each hole is taken into account.

Match play – best ball:
Identical to 4 balls, but one team consists of only one player, the other can consist of 2 or 3 players.

Four goals:
Two players on each team play each ball, and the best result on each hole is taken into account.


Two players on the team play the ball at tea, they pick the one that suits them best and finish the hole by playing this ball alternately.

Two players on the team play the ball on the tee and then switch places for another blow. Then they choose the ball that suits them best and take turns playing balls on the hole.

Patsom, what are you?
The first 6 holes are played in “Four Balls” mode, the next 6 – in Greensom in the last 6 – “Four” mode. The final number of strikes will be carried out as in four.

Celebrate the competition:

Each player has a personal ticket that is installed in a place where the ball stops after exhausting all the blows. The total number of strokes is calculated for each player by adding their handicap to the SSS (e.g. player handicap is 24, SS: 71 > player gets 95 strokes). The player who has placed his ticket furthest from the first target will be declared the winner.

String race:
Each participant is given a rope corresponding to their handicap (the general rule is 50cm per point in the handicap game, but the competition committee can set the appropriate length for them). This allows the participant to extend the ball roll into the hole or move the ball away from difficulty when they find it difficult to play. The player then cuts off an appropriate amount of used rope and continues with the remaining length.

The game took several rounds on the court, keeping only the best result achieved on each of the 18 holes. A competition with at least 2 laps and up to 4 laps will be played continuously. (After a few weeks or months, see Ringer’s review). .

Call points:
This format is very similar to eclectic, but it has a lot of counting cards or a certain number of cards during a specific calendar period. Often play in winter with 9 or 10 cards to promote training this season. During the rounds, each player retains the best result achieved on each hole. The best possible cards are produced at the end of the duration.