Gulf rules have been changed to speed up and modernize often old-fashioned games.

Gulf rules have been changed to speed up and modernize often old-fashioned games.

Gulf rules have been changed to speed up and modernize often old-fashioned games.

Golf has changed its rules to speed up the game and make it more attractive to people trying to get into the game.

Golfers are advised to bat within 40 seconds, but usually faster players can find the ball three minutes before it has fallen and fallen. The fall occurs from the height of the knees, not from the shoulders. List of rule changes. It entered into force on 1 January 1999. The rapporteur was Mr S.

Key points

The game’s new rules affect Jordan Spieth and Jason Days, as well as the weekend’s hacks, many of which are likely to show a particular interest in reducing the time players spend searching for a lost ball.

This amount has been reduced from five to three minutes and if you land at risk of a putter or accidentally collide with a ball and move it, none of these actions will be punished – instead you can just return the ball to its starting position. .

You can also remove obstacles from areas around the ball in bunkers or hazards without fear of punishment.

When your partner is looking for their ball, anyone in the group of players can hit the next one because under the new rules, “clean golf” is encouraged.

Pure golf is exactly what it’s like to let players play (sanely) instead of waiting for the player closest to the putter to strike every time. Players are also advised to strike within 40 seconds.

The rules for drops have also changed.

Players must measure the seminary help area with the longest stick in the bag, including the putter, and fall in that area.

Then, instead of throwing the ball from shoulder height, players fall from knee height – preferably reducing the distance at which the ball can bounce and roll after falling, increasing the speed of game time.

There are other rules aimed at not punishing minor unintentional errors, which are clearly not good.

An accidental collision with the ball on the field doesn’t result in a free kick, but the rules don’t seem to rule out penalties for minor fouls like Lexi Thompson in the first major of 2017 when he picked up the ball and traded it a little. on the side of their original lies.

Players can also clean and remove drowsiness caused by equipment or wildlife on grass, even a ball and a hole in the same area.

Players are also allowed to leave the flagpole in the hole once it is installed, and if the ball hits it, no fine will be imposed.

While some of these changes may seem insignificant, they are an important step forward for a sport that is often criticized for getting stuck in pedantic and stuck in the past.