These are the 4 secrets to breaking 80 in golf

These are the 4 secrets to breaking 80 in golf

These are the 4 secrets to breaking 80 in golf

Only 2% to 5% of the golfers can break 80. You can be confident that you will learn how to break 80 golf. It is not easy to achieve the 80-hole mark. Although it is difficult to achieve, it is possible. It will take time to break 80. This goal should be a part of your golf routine. This advice is for those who are serious about the game and have a lot of experience. We recommend that you have a handicap of at least 15 and that your average golf score is in the mid-80s. You also need to be willing to practice. Do you sound like this? Let’s get started!

Here are 4 tips to break 80 in golf

It won’t be easy to break 80, but these tips will help you get there. Don’t lose sight of the goal. Similar article: These six tips will help you break 90 in golf.

#1: Get rid of Penalty Strokes and Keep Your Ball in Play

Want to know how to break 80? First, you cannot waste strokes. There are three main situations in which penalty strokes can be applied according to the rules of golf. Hazards (penalty zones), out of bounds and an “unplayable lying”

You will usually be assessed 1 penalty for hazards (penalty areas), and “unplayable lying”.

You will be penalized for hitting a shot outside of bounds. This is 2 penalty strokes. You can add strokes to your score and ruin your positive momentum. You may need to work on your decision-making skills if you are consistently penalized when you play. You need to know when you should be aggressive and when you should play smart. Also, learn how to manage your course.

#2: Tighten Up Your Short Game

Professionals and scratch golfers save strokes by playing a short game. You can save strokes every time you play “up and down” or 1-putt. You can turn your short game into an instrument if you want to break 80. Are you keeping track of your statistics when you play golf? What is your average number of putts per round? With 36+ putts, it is almost impossible to break 80. This number should be lowered to 30. However, putting is just one part of your short game. Your success is also dependent on your ability to play bunker and chipping. Chip the ball closer to your hole to improve your putting skills. We’re pretty certain you can make more 2-foot putts that 15-foot putts.

#3: Learn To Play Your Misses

Dr. Bob Rotella’s book “Golf Isn’t A Game Of Perfect” perfectly describes your quest for how to break the 80 mark in golf.

It’s not about making great shots every time. It’s about being able to take your mistakes and make them count. Bad drives can land you in the rough, rather than going out of bounds (OB). While you can save par, your drive OB will result in at least double the bogey. Your bad iron shots end up just short of the green, rather than in the deep sand trap. Your poor putts are 1 foot short of the green instead of running 10 feet ahead. These are all possible ways to make your misses. This is how you can break 80 in golf. Your wild shots will be less wild.

#4: Save Bogeys

A common misnomer amongst amateur golfers. You need to make more birdies in order to break 80. False. False. Let’s look at the numbers. A par 72 is the typical course for golf. You can break 80 (79) if you shoot +7. You don’t have to play 11 holes (61%) so you can have 7 “bad holes” as long as you avoid bogeys. It’s not about getting more low scores, but about learning how to break 80. If you want to break 80, double bogeys or triple bogeys are a sure way to ruin your round. How can you save bogeys from being fatal? The key is course management and smart play. Let’s look at a few examples.

Imagine you are driving into the woods. There are two choices. You have two options: either punch it towards green or chip it back at the fairway.

Although the punch shot can help save par, it is dangerous and could result in a double bogey. You can make an easy par if you hit it back to the fairway. A difficult par putt is made when you struggle on a hole. It is possible to be aggressive and risk 3-putting, or lag it close enough to the hole for an easy par. Be careful. It is as easy as making a bogey to learn how to break 80 in golf.

It is not a failure to break 80

Nelson Mandela once famously stated, “I never lose.” I win or I learn. Each time you score above 80, it’s an opportunity to learn. Learn more about your game of golf. You must identify what is holding you back from breaking 80 in golf. Why are you shooting 85 rather than 78? Spend a few minutes on the 19th hole after your round. Take a look at the four tips that we have provided. Today was not the day that you reached 80. What penalty strokes did you take? How was the short game? What were your wild shots like? How many times have you scored worse than a Bogey?

These questions will tell you how to break 80 golf. This assessment should be done after each round to help you reach your goal.

One shot, one hole at a time

The most difficult part of learning how golf breaks 80 is still not covered. This is the mental aspect of achieving this goal.

The 18th hole is reached and you must make a par in order to score 79. Are you going to play the hole as normal or will you make some tentative swings? Try to remain present. Take one shot at a time. Keep cool and don’t worry about what might happen if you hit a bad or good shot. Focus on the next swing. Accept the results and execute. Keep your eyes on the present and you will soon have a scorecard that adds up to 79 or maybe even 78! We wish you all the best in your quest!